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  • Dani Devesa

    Dani Devesa

    Software Engineer — #iOS @Spotify. I wrote a book: “Developing Accessible iOS Apps”. Opinions are my own.

  • blayne phillips

    blayne phillips

    A strategic product designer with some developer experience who is competent at all stages of the design process.

  • Kristin Zibell

    Kristin Zibell

    Human-centered. My superpower: When the way is unclear, I find a path forward. See work at kristinzibell.com

  • Adrienne Allnutt

    Adrienne Allnutt

    Operations geek. Love passionate people & infectious ideas. Trying to make sense of this beautiful, chaotic world. Current: Design & Research Ops @ LinkedIn.

  • Facebook Research

    Facebook Research

    Learnings from the people who study human behavior for Facebook. To read more, visit our Facebook Research Medium publication: medium.com/facebook-research

  • Team ReOps

    Team ReOps

  • Matt White

    Matt White

    Head of delivery @citizensadvice. Passionate about authentic leadership, people, collaboration and self organising teams.

  • Phil Hesketh

    Phil Hesketh

    I understand complex problems and make things to try and fix them. Lateral thinker. Dot connector. Father of cats. Founder of Ethicskit.org and ConsentKit.io

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